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Christmas Season Obervations

Alas! Too many retailers have lost their way this season.
Late on Thanksgiving Day,
people were pushing and shoving
just to get the latest, coolest “gift”!
Never mind that there were bleary-eyed employees
who’d rather have spent a few more hours of family time and sleep –
noooo….the retailers believe cash is king.
I understand that the retailers are desperate
to get some extra dollars to get into the black for the year
– but now it’s ridiculous!
All this constant sales – pushing is competition
for the dwindling dollars many cannot afford to spend.
Something even worse has happened this year:
Gone are the days
when people had the heart and the wisdom
to close up businesses for Christmas.
Now we can expect a certain fast-food chain to stay open that day!
Oh the inhumanity!
Think of all the families who have to suffer
because their mommies and daddies have to work that day —
no present is going to make up for their absence.
Whatever happened to “peace on earth, goodwill to all”?
It seems to me the only goodwill many retailers have this year
is toward their bottom line. Shame!
Oh, I can’t wait till the end of December 24–
so I can finally, fully focus
on the Star of Bethlehem —
the one star heralding good news of great joy.

Here’s to a happy, peaceful holiday season. Let us remember the Babe in the mamger… because that’s what it’s all about.


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