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Introducing…Djana Maria Hughes

Introducing…Djana Maria Hughes.

Now that I have your attention, …I am far from typical as a career woman.  My office skills weren’t acquired the normal way.  I am a person who just happens to have picked up computer skills while working in other fields.  Yahoo! was my introduction to the Internet: I’ve since branched out to Google and Bing for searching for info.  I know from Word how to adress envelopes, write business letters and create pie graphs; I have learned how to create an essay for PowerPoint but have yet to present it in public   — and I am currently learning Excel 2007 and Access 2007 via http://www.gcflearnfree.org.

As much as I’ve learned, I know I need to learn more. To further expand my repertoire, I intend to learn Corel WordPerfect, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Quickbooks in 2013.

I am a bit of a Luddite when it comes to smartphones — I haven’t bought one yet — it’s out of wanting to avoid having it and being too engrossed in my personal apps to notice a potential robber coming near (in New York City subways, smartphones seem to be the hot item to steal).  In fact, I may be one of the few who pay attention to the PSA that’s periodically played over the loudspeakers in the New York City subways: “Keep your belongings in your sight at all times.  Do not display cell phones or other electronic devices.” 
I am a softie for little computers , though — I’m buying a tablet with a camera in 2013.

I’m a one-person jury that’s out on Windows 8 at the moment.  The windows are pretty attractive – but what happens when they don’t connect you to your favorite sites?

I’ve always wondered why so many people have been buying M-rated video games. – specifically those where players get to shoot to kill.  After the Sandy Hook massacre, I’ve come to wonder why those games are out in the public at all.  Sure, when it comes to the military, those games are needed for training.. but young minds that would be better off learning how to cure diseases and improve are planet are being influenced by those games — and, in the cases of some people, use what they learn from those games to a deadly advantage.

That, however, does not mean that teachers should act upon their Second Amendment rights and bring concealed weapons into the schools.  Having worked in the New York City public school system between 1989 and 2005, I can tell you that the teachers and administrators (whether the sites have metal detectors or not) are doing a fine job maintaining safe learning environments and don’t need to have guns in the mix.  Those who still want to carry concealed weapons to school should study what’s being done right in New York City.  http://schools.nyc.gov/default.htm is a good place to start; click on School Support, Safety and Activities.

No, handling a gun is not a joke.  I fail to understand what Utah teacher Joanna Baginska considered funny during that education session.


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