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Shame on the NRA (Updated Edition)

Now the NRA has issued a low blow: It’s bad enough it doesn’t understand the importance of gun control (thank God NY Governor Andrew Cuomo does) – now it’s issued a commercial attacking the President for having Secret Service agents accompany his daughters at school!
Newsflash, NRA: When you’re the President of the US, there are people who will not only disapprove of but also resent your policies; therefore, you would have a target on your back – and it’s only natural that your family would have targets on their backs as well! Invoking the Second Amendment while declaring that the President needs to get rid of his Secret Service entailment before he starts talking about gun control not only insults the memory of the Sandy Hook 26, it spells absolute ignorance of the level of security needed to keep our President and his family safe! Shame on you!!!

Right now I am so mad that Congress caved into the NRA’s pressure and chose to vote against a bill that would have banned assault weapons for civilians.
Again, I stress that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with this issue — and the safety of all Americans has everything to do with it!  Some people (those with known psychiatric/mental challenges) shouldn’t possess even one gun at all!
The arsenal found in the family home of the Sandy Hook Shooter should end the argument once and for all!


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