Home » Poetry » If a polar bear could speak..

If a polar bear could speak..

“Hello everybody.
“I know you think it’s beautiful seeing me swim in that soda commercial, but the ugly truth is, I’m not supposed to be swimming so much — and now I’m exhausted.  I don’t know how much I can take.
“My beautiful white home is melting into the ocean, bit, by bit,  and unless this place stops warming up, very soon there’ll be nowhere left for me to stand on — never mind that it’ll be too hot for any fish to swim around for my paws to grab, which is really bad for me because I – can’t – eat – anything – else!

“Please, please do me and my brothers and sisters a favor — tell your fellow humans to stop destroying the Amazon rainforest and get their garbage out of the oceans!  You’ll be keeping it nice and cold here and preventing the rest of the planet from getting too hot for anyone to live on.

“On behalf of everyone here in the Arctic zone — thank you.”


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