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Source:  New York Post 4/25/2013, “Crisis in Fat City: New York Diabetes Epidemic” by Eric Kriss

“I’m the disease you should be avoiding like the plague.

You, New York City residents, should be

 a model of health to the world.

It appears, however, that you want me to become

a permanent menace to your population —

10.5% of you– 650,000 — have been diagnosed with me as of 2011.

“Why?  It’s because your waistlines have ballooned out of control – 

and the cause is comprised of

all those sugary drinks

and fast foods and packaged foods

you insist on eating —

all laden with fat and sugar.

It seems to me that I’m here to stay —

especially since it’s been determined that

more than 200,000 of you

are walking around with me coursing through your veins–

it’s sad that so many bodies are fertile ground

for amputations, blindness and heart disease.

“The good news is:

you don’t have to keep leading everybody on earth down this path.

There is a way to make me disappear:

stop this obsession with sweets and high-calorie foods.

Get some cookbooks that’ll teach you to cook and eat healthy.

Get yourselves in shape too -even if you have to walk at first.

Please – I don’t want to exist anymore.

NYC, I’m counting on you to choose life!”






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