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Message from a Big, Juicy Steak


Source: Bloomberg News via New York Post and metro New York 4/8/2013

STEAK: “I know you love me – especially now with barbecue season about to begin.

I’ve gotta tell you, though: you might want to grill veggies more often.

Nature Medicine just published a study finding

that I have a substance that can really harden your arteries —

which is bad news for your blood stream.

Carnitine is that substance’s name, 

and when your gut’s bacteria break it up

it can transform itself into an artery-hardening compound.

The more you eat of me,

the greater the risk to your heart.

I believe you know what to do.”

YOUR HEART: “Please pay attention to the message that steak just gave you!  Eat more veggies and grill them this summer —  your blood will flow better through your body and you and I will last longer.”


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