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That 5-Pound Bag of Sugar is B-a-c-k

Source: Good Housekeeping May 2013


“Psst!  Yeah, it’s me again.  

I’ve gotta speak to you women now:

Did you know you’re only supposed to have 6 teaspoons of me a day?

I didn’t stutter, I said 6.

Yet look at what you’re doing: You’re eating, on average, 18 teaspoons a day!

Here’s an extreme example:

You’re starting the day with chocolate almond granola in vanilla-flavored almond milk.

 During the mid-morning, you chug down black coffee with hazelnut syrup.

Lunchtime!  It’s roasted turkey on whole wheat with a sweet pickle on the side –

washed down with a 20-ounce cola.

 Come dinner time, it’s ribs heavily laden with bottled barbecue sauce,

vegetarian baked beans out of a can,

lettuce drowned in French dressing, fudge drizzled caramel popcorn

and raspberry iced tea.

 Altogether that’s 54 1/2 teaspoons of me for the day!  

Ugh!  How can your heart stand it!?

Please, please stop the madness: cut down on the packaged stuff – 

start studying cookbooks

that’ll teach you to cook with less sugar.

Your heart will thank you.”



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