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This Matter of Diamonds

The more I mature,

the more I come to understand

that the fact you want something

doesn’t mean it’s ethical to get it.

Case in point:

For years I’ve always loved

viewing the glamour of red-carpet diamonds.

 For a long time, I wondered what it would be like

to actually own one of those baubles.

 This frame of mind changed with the revelation

that some diamonds have been used to buy weapons

(hence the term “blood diamonds”).

 Now I’ve seen a video on the Education Center section of diamondnexus.com

showing the permanent damage caused to the earth

in the form of strip mining –

because of the demand for a “gem”

 that a few companies want to keep “rare”!

My mind is made up:  I will no longer believe the hype about diamonds.

Let this be an early notice:

My 50th birthday comes up January 23rd, 2014,

and I want to celebrate it

with at least 2 works of art from Diamond Nexus.

This way I can have a bit of red-carpet glamour in my life

and I can keep Mother Earth happy.

Thank you for reading.





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