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A Black Cat on Friday the 13th

What’s the matter with me!?  I’m just a little black cat.  

I don’t want to be out here on the streets – 

I don’t like having to run away

to avoid being hit by cars!

The only reason I’m here is that

my family just dumped me out here a little while ago

and drove off without a second thought.

Oh, don’t get me wrong: it’s been okay so far – 

people have been saying “Hi sweetie!”

and leaving cans of food out for me – 

and I’ve always been getting a place to sleep in doorways.

But today, I don’t know what’s going on here – 

it’s like I’ve got a disease nobody wants to catch – 

people haven’t been leaving food; in fact,

they are doing their best to keep away from me – 

some of them are even running away.

Several times today I’ve walked up to a person only to hear:

“Get away! You’re bad luck!  Don’t come near me!”

– and here I thought I was giving everyone a bit of joy.

I’ve been going around and around the block all day

getting only nasty looks – 

and now I’m starved and exhausted.

What if they do the same to me tomorrow!?   I can’t bear it.

Dear God, if you’re there, 

please have someone take me home with them

or take me to be with you – 

and I do mean now.

Enough is enough – I don’t want to be here anymore.


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