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The Bumblebee’s Speech

I’ve got permanent chick’s fuzz in thick horizontal black- and -yellow stripes

that should be their own “do not cross” sign.

I’m so roly-roly-roly-poly that if I were a ball,

I could roll around the floor with just one push!

But- not so fast!

My rear end contains a nasty point 

that’ll stick you if you come anywhere near it.

Plus – I’ve got tiny wings.

Nobody would think that with my big, big, big body I’d be able to fly –

but God makes sure I do.  Hallelujah!

Now, I have a big favor to ask:

My fellow bees and I are in danger of extinction – 

and that’s bad news for you  because

we are responsible for the pollination

that produces around 80% of your food crops.

Please, please support efforts to save us 

so you can continue to enjoy good food.

Thank you!



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