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Just saying..

We’ve had to deal with two major tragedies in one week. 
Concerning the Navy Yard shooting: The more I read up on it, the more I realize that this shooting could’ve been prevented.  Where were all the background checkers when the shooter was applying for employment at the Yard!?  One bit of scrutiny as to his mental state would have enabled those checkers to discern that the Yard was no place for him to work. For that matter – why haven’t I heard the NRA make a peep about the tragedy?
The mall shooting in Nairobi is incredibly heinous – the loss of life in a place where law-abiding Kenyans and visiting foreigners intended to do their shopping should now convince the African Diaspora’s leaders that their governments must act now to eradicate the AlQaeda affiliates in their midst.
There are a lot of loved ones in excruciating pain right now as a result of these  incidents.  I ask that your thoughts and prayers be with them at this harrowing time.


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