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It’s been 13 years.. yet my memories are still strong.

I was going back and forth between my then-home in Queens and the post office because I was waiting for an important document.  The radio was on in the post office and everyone working in the back section was listening to coverage of the tragedy.

When I heard that the World Trade Center’s second tower had been hit – and I saw the images on my TV for myself at home – I just knew… this was deliberate.

The smoke from the towers’ collapse was so widespread that everyone outside the post office could see a spreading white cloud engulfing the crystal blue sky.
I was stunned and saddened — and am still today — by the realization that, because some fiends decided to use four airliners to attack American soil, thousands of people wouldn’t be going home to their loved ones ever again.

9/11/2001…never forget.


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