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“Let’s not just make noise.  Let’s make a difference.”  – the parents of Michael Brown

I am among the many who are still in shock at the decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson.  What the grand jury saw hasn’t been fully revealed… and I’d like to see all the evidence they saw in order to be fully convinced they made the right decision.  I don’t see it. I can’t even imagine the depth of the grief Michael Brown’s parents are experiencing.

Right now Ferguson is lying in ruins because a few hotheads interrupted a peaceful protest of the grand jury’s decision by engaging in lootings and burnings of police cars.  All this, as I see it, is not the way to go forward — turning on all members of law enforcement (in effect, seeking to punish all of law enforcement for a few members who clearly don’t belong) certainly exacerbates the situation.

We have to come together on this one – yes, that includes a serious, non-judgmental dialogue with the law enforcement members living amongst us.  If we believe we are only one race – the human race – we have to mean it.  In the words of my pastor, Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis of Middle Collegiate Church: “It will take faithful, engaged, peaceful protesting to demand a change.”

The work to repair what is broken in our nation must start now.


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