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Christmas Eve..

… and there is mourning amongst the NYPD –rightly so... one lone gunman decided to assassinate 2 of New York’s Finest – in their patrol car – right before Christmas – apparently because of the #EricGarner decision. #awhecktothenthdegreeno — this is so wrong on many levels… and that will be discussed on another date. Suffice it to conclude that this was no way to solve differences between protesters and the NYPD. Remember what I wrote in #Ferguson about the need for a serious, non-judgmental dialogue!? It applies here as well.

Severe weather plaguing the West and the Northeast US….Horrific acts of gun violence including the hostage situation in Australia and the massacre at a Pakistani school… tornadoes in Mississippi… lava in Hawaii…now another person being shot dead by police near Ferguson…all these events are making my head spin…

Right now, I just have to chill out…focus on the Star of Bethlehem.. and pray that somehow there can be impossible miracles coming out of all this mess.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


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