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Chilling News – #ParisShooting

It’s all #toohorrific when a massacre has occured because a magazine engages in satire.  On top of it…the dastardly shooters dared to shoot their way through #CharlieHebdo‘s headquarters using God’s name.  #awhecktothenthdegreeno  –  no killing is ever acceptable in the name of God, no matter what views you happen to oppose.  I applaud the head of the French Council on Muslim Faith for condemning this barbaric act.

The #ParisShooting by no means should be allowed to strip away the freedom of the press that France has so deservedly enjoyed.  I trust that authorities will get to the bottom of this and bring the cowardly terrorists responsible for this #heinous act to justice.

Please join me and my #MIddleChurch community in praying for all the victims and their families – this ranks, in my mind,  as one of the worst tragedies in France’s history.



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