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Valentine’s Reflections

This was composed on February 12, 2015 during Creative Writing Workshop at Middle Collegiate Church, after nearly a month and a half of my seeing Valentine’s displays.

It’s amazing how many Americans have their priorities skewed in February:
Babies are crying to be fed, elderly people need medical care, too many working people need to choose paying rent over buying food – and many Americans are thinking about exchanging trinkets to show their love? Really!?

Oh, what a waste!!! Imagine how much better use all that money spent on Valentine’s gifts could be made addressing those needs – plus praying in action to demonstrate against all the wrongs in our society! That, to me, signifies the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.

When we reach the end of our earthly lives, God won’t measure our love by how many chocolates or fancy necklaces or big showy bouquets we give to one another. God will measure it by how we cared for one another in our daily lives.


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