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About Djana Maria Hughes

Born on January 23, 1964 in Brooklyn New York, Djana Maria Hughes is a human being who has had her share of scrapes and setbacks in life but retains her optimism through the grace of God.

Experience so far:Djana

1975-1977: attended Leonardo da Vinci Intermediate School (IS61Q): graduated June 1977. School spelling Bee Champion 1976; Member Honor Society and Arista.  (First learned typing during this period — “could be why I have such an affinity for the computer,” she muses.)
1977-1981: attended Brooklyn Technical High School -graduated 1981 with Regents-endorsed diploma: General Studies (then called (Technical Arts and Sciences).
1981-1985: BA studies at Hunter College/City University of New York –started in Biology but switched to French. Graduated with BA degree in French (minor: Psychology) in May 1985.
1985-1992: Masters studies at Hunter College/City University of New York: Took classes in Education as well as French Literature. Struggled mightily to get degree approval because GPA went below 3.00. After considerable protests to administration, won approval to graduate in January 1992 –MA (French – Arts and Sciences).
After an extended career as a per diem substitute teacher in the New York City Department of Education system, work became sporadic in 20004-2005 and Djana had to seek another means of gainful employment. She found it in 2006 in a home health aide position working for People Care Holdings. Later on Djana moved on to an Office Aide Position at the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and worked as a Seasonal Maintenance position at the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation in the Bronx (District 7). Her career path has led to to a part-time custodial position at ACE New York and now to a Cleaning Ambassador Position at Block by Block for the Junction Business Improvement District in Brooklyn, NY. You can locate Djana’s work profile at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/djana-maria-hughes/58/286/68.
During the year 2005, Djana found herself to be gifted in art. Her drawings are varied, ranging from Biblical reading (NLT is her favorite translation) to current events to fashion inspirations. It’s a gift that fulfills her to this day —thanks be to God.

Future plans (in her own words):
“Employment goals:
I am looking forward to continuing my career at Block by Block.Being of service to this company and seeing it succeed is my great business endeavor.
Non-employment goals:
My pinning to my Crafts/Fashion Ideas board at http://pinterest.com/dmhcrafter has awakened my desire to create my own wearable art. Look for my first DIY creations on http://instagram.com/djanamaria.
In addition, I want to start putting more of my artwork on my Facebook and Instagram pages to enlighten everybody, not just my growing circle of friends.
I deeply regret not having obtained my driver’s license; I desire to obtain one by summer 2017 in order to start going places where public transportation won’t go.
Ice skating is my favorite sport and I want to resume classes in 2016/17 – hopefully with my own ice skates. In addition, I want to publish more of my artwork/writings at https://djanamariahughes.wordpress.com as well as my new site, http://originalgladiatorcollective.tumblr.com.
In all I do, to God be the glory.”

“The Sovereign LORD is my strength! He will make me surefooted as a deer and bring me safely over the mountains.”(Habakkuk 3:19 NLT)


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