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On 9/11… I was living in Queens and working for the New York City Department of Education (then called the Board of Education).  I was going back and forth between the apartment I was sharing with my Mom and the post office because I was looking for the certificate I needed to start work in October.  


After the report of the North Tower of the World Trade Center being hit, the radio in the Corona-Elmhurst post office was turned up high to 1010 WINS.  At the time the  first thought going through my mind was that there was an accident, a serious pilot error… well, the report of the second tower being hit sure informed us all otherwise.  Talk about a wake-up call for all of us who hadn’t been alive when Pearl Harbor had been attacked.


There would be some time before we would see the video of the first tower being hit… but the hitting of the second tower was on screen for all to see… a calculated flight into the South Tower with the intent to create absolute destruction. War had been declared against us by people who like to twist the Koran in order to forward their agenda of wiping our nation into extinction.


The collapse of the towers created shock amongst everyone in the neighborhood – including me.  The smoke from the debris actually traveled far enough for us to see a huge traveling white cloud.


That first night I couldn’t sleep – although I knew that all airplanes had been grounded, I couldn’t help fearing that planes would be flown into my window. How much more destruction could be visited upon New York City!?  


Fast forward 15 years… a new World Trade Center is taking shape, a memorial museum in the footprints of the lost Twin Towers, a performing arts center on the way.  Yet I wonder… do we have any love for our fellow human beings?  There was quite a show of unity shown demonstrated by our elected officials in the first months after the towers fell… but there has been pervasive persecution of the Muslims and Sikhs amongst us…  are we so fearful of whole populations because of a group of Koran-twisters?  As my Mom, who died in 2003, used to say, “You can’t hate a whole group of people.”


As for me… I’m just one human being.  What can I do!?


I can help to create a more united America.  Indeed I have started by placing my signature to the Higher Ground Moral Declaration  and now I urge you, my readers to do the same at: http://www.moralrevival.org/signmoraldeclaration.  In addition, I will attend the Faith Not Fear interfaith service at my beloved Middle Collegiate Church this coming Sunday at 2:00PM so I can be reminded of how I can help my fellow Americans move forward, as Faith Not Fear stated on its Facebook page, “in love, dignity, inclusion, solidarity and peace.” Mom would definitely be proud.


God bless America.




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