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Did You Understand Who You Voted For!?


This is an open letter to the rural populists who voted for Donald Trump.  Please click on the following two links and read those articles before reading this letter.



I get it.  You want nothing to do with big banks, big technology or big corporations.

I know now that you didn’t want your mood tracked.

But do you understand that we are hurting!?  You voted for someone with a long list of business bankruptcies, a history of degrading women and minorities.. but you already know that part.

Did you ignore his flaws just because you think that, as someone who hasn’t been in politics, he can do a major revamp of the nation’s economy to ease your unemployment issues?

Do you understand that, now that Donald Trump will have the nuclear codes, it may take one impulsive move to have us headed into World War III – and that many of your communities may not survive the onslaught!?  Russia,  China and North Korea won’t be playing nice then.

I’m sure some of you are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act…are you aware that you are about to become uninsured due to a bill designed to erase the tax credits that keep your insurance going!!?  Are you prepared to pay your bills out-of-pocket – or go into bankruptcy!?

To those of you benefiting from Medicaid and food stamps… I feel sorry for you.  Your medical lifeline may be about to be cut…which means that good quality medical care may be out of your reach unless you start a GoFundMe account. Plus, you may be facing the prospect of standing in hours-long lines – rain or shine – to get sufficient food for your families – and that’s just for the basics.  Here in New York City I see more and more people digging through the trash to collect redeemable bottles and cans – you may have to do the same if you want to pay for the extras you’ll want for your holiday celebrations.

The tax brackets are about to be adjusted – and it’s more likely that you’ll be paying more while the corporations you disdain will be paying less.  Credit Speaker Ryan for that.

To those of you looking for work: I suggest you petition to make sure Trump doesn’t withdraw our country from trade agreements such as NAFTA and start issuing tariffs against China and Mexico- that would spell all out trade war and translate into increased unemployment- and higher prices at the grocery store (read: the prospect of starvation).

Going back to your disdain for big banks, corporations and technology:  I suggest you study the term “adapt or die.”  There were many banks that had to be swallowed up in order for a few to thrive – and more of your small banks may fall in the future.  Those electronic gadgets you use everyday are undoubted manufactured in many overseas factories for a few well-known companies.. and mega churches are mighty popular…


Honestly now… did you really think this through!?



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