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In a nation where hate is sprouting up and many of our neighbors are being put in harm’s way, we will not just sit there and take it.


45 is #notourpresident – please stop acting like he is: we didn’t vote for him;

Many people rely on the ACA for medical care. You repealed it and we’re not pleased: the free market is not an option for those of us with chronic conditions ;

We women don’t appreciate your regulating our uteruses;

We are a nation of immigrants – we should be a welcoming beacon to refugees, not an electrified wall ;

How and whom we love should not be penalized;

White male privilege should be considered a badge of shame rather than honor.  Humanity also includes Christians, Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Latinos, Adriana, women and girls, indigenous, disabled, and poor;

Too much money is still being spent on military weapons.  We need the money for renewable energy; for renewed organic agriculture to better feed the people; for strengthening our bridges and roadways;

Our vote should not require an ID.  Anyone who’s a citizen and 18+ should be allowed to vote- period;

We are determined to honor our ancestors who shed blood, sweat and tears to help make this a better nation for all.  We are determined to challenge you through the ethic of love; love all who are in harm’s way; and nurture our bodies and spirits in embarking on this life of courage that faces us.

Whether you’re with us or not,

we will fight valiantly through#revolutionarylove

for a nation and a world where everyone can flourish.





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