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From the Golden Calf to the Priestly Garments

In these two YouTube Videos, the  Israelites commit the sin of hailing a golden calf just because Moses wasn’t around…but God has them make up for it by donating the same gold to make the garments for the assigned priests.




A Day-Brightener

Well.. with so much doom and gloom going around, I thought I’d show you this from A Subtle Revelry.  #joy #halloweencostumes #DIYisalwaysbetter

Show Up

First up: a photo I took on September 21 2017 of a poster I saw in the #EastVillage of #NYC. (Due to spotty internet service outside my home, I wasn’t able to post it on Instagram till September 28, 2017.)  The original photographer is a genius: the #WhiteHouse has indeed become a #crimescene because of you-know-who.


Now for the article, written by Jim Wright and shared by my Facebook friend Roy Rigordaeva.  The emphasis is mine..

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This — this right here — this bloated foolish man child bully currently stinking up the White House, this guy right here is precisely why our founders created the government they did.

Because they KNEW — they knew — that one day this guy would show up.

They knew that sooner or later, we’d end up with this guy. They knew it because they’d seen the governments of Europe, the hereditary aristocracy, drooling, weak chinned, inbred morons, fools, power mad authoritarians. They’d just gotten rid of a lunatic King — a man that was literally mad with inbreeding and power and mental illness. King George III.

And they KNEW that no matter what they did, no matter what government they created, one day Donald Trump would show up.

They knew America would elect a fucking idiot to power.

So they created a government that could deal with such a lunatic. A government of checks and balances and safety systems. A government that wouldn’t fall to the same madness that repeatedly destroyed the various countries of Europe.

CONGRESS is that check. And even the most die hard Republican must now admit that Trump a disaster. A fool. A child. A madman.

Corker, McCain, these lousy rotten sons of bitches have FINALLY found their courage, because their time is up. McCain is dying. Corker has crapped out. Both of them, with their cowardice and lust for power, helped bring us to this precipice. But now, now that their time is up, they’ve both suddenly found the will to stand up and do the job they were actually elected to do.

The rest of Congress needs to do the same, BEFORE THEIR TIME IS LIKEWISE UP. If they don’t act soon, they won’t be able to.

Trump must be removed from office. NOW. Right now. Before the madness that elected him kills us all.


Addendum: Just in case it isn’t clearly implied in the text, this [is] why you need to show the fuck up. EVERY election. EVERY time. This is why you need to educate yourself on the candidates for every single goddamned elected position, every single goddamned time. Every representative, state and federal. Every senator. Every judge. Every dogcatcher. Every position that you can vote for. And why you need to show up and vote. Even if the game is rigged, even if you think it doesn’t matter, every time. This is why you need to get over this bullshit of a perfect candidate and vote for the best candidate even if he or SHE isn’t what you want.

Because here we are. This is the moment our founders worried about. Right here. Right now.

And we’re going to have to depend on a Congress of fools and cowards to save us.

If you want a better nation, you HAVE to be better citizens.
Jim Wright


Posted on Facebook by Diana Fiorini.



Ladies and gentlemen… some people are sick and tired of waiting for the US government to help #PuertoRico – they’re taking on the task themselves.  Click on the link below to find out.

What a way to start October!!

Just when we thought we’d had enough pain for a year…. new pain arrives, in #LasVegas: 59 people dead and over 500 wounded because someone decided to shoot from a 32nd floor hotel window!!!


When is the #NRA going to wake up!!!???  😱😭

“We’re creating so many of our own problems.”

This is what the late great Tom Petty had to say about the Confederate flag and black lives.  Thanks to my Facebook Friend Tom L. Wellborn for sharing this.

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